Zynga Poker Las Vegas Style

Online Poker Department of JusticeThe social gaming developing Titan, Zynga, which is based in San Francisco, has rumors revolving around it. As there are reports that state that Zynga has entered talks with Wynn Resorts, the land casino giant in order to have some kind of partnership for an online gaming casino. This partnership seems to be aiming to have the advantage of the latest turbulence in the online gambling community in the United States.

This turbulence is caused by a possible legalizing of online gambling on a national level through the federal court of law. Also because of the latest statement made by the Dept. of Justice regarding the Wire Act in December 2011, stating that this law was aimed towards sport wagering only, thus legalizing all other forms of online gambling in the United States. After such statements by the DoJ, a lot of states are racing each other to enter the regulated and legalized world of online gambling. It has been estimated that about twenty states are planning to move into the regulated world of online gambling.

Zynga Poker Las Vegas Style

Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga has been announcing to the public Zynga’s thoughts and plans of moving into the world or online poker gaming and real money betting. He also states that with all what is happening the online gambling community in the United States, the move into real money betting is inevitable.

It was also reported that Wynn is not the only partner Zynga will be partnering with, as the company will be looking to become partners with many partners who are licensed to operate in different states. For instance, Wynn is licensed to operate only in Las Vegas, so Zynga will partner with others to operate in other states beside Las Vegas.  Zynga has about 230 million active users per month, these millions span over more than 160 countries. Its social games can be accessed on cell phone platforms or through social networks such as Facebook.com. This move has been predicted for a long time since the great success that Zynga poker has been having over the years. Although Zynga has been making money through the purchase of virtual goods and chips, but real money betting is a whole other issue. It is a multi billion industry.

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