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Zynga is known for its creation of a whole new breed of social games on cell phones and computers. They created social games that include gambling that is available for players to play on social networks, especially Facebook while being at home on their PC or outside through their cell phone. This creation has caused quite a stir in the world of gaming, as it made all of the console game companies such as EA forced to join this world so they don’t stay way behind.

Not only that, but also as Zynga enters the world of online gambling, real land based casinos game makers are also entering this path following Zynga’s footsteps. What triggered this is the DOJ’s announcement that legalized nearly all forms of internet gambling, excluding horse betting and wagering. One of the largest game creators and developers in Las Vegas, International Game Technology, is one of the first companies to enter Zynga’s social gaming turf. This company has a yearly turnover worth of 2 billion dollars. It took its first steps by buying out Double Down Interactive for 500 million dollars. Double Down Interactive is known for creating and developing internet casino like games that are played on the social network giant Facebook.com. These games don’t include any real money gambling, but they involve virtual good purchase, this is done by using virtual currency which is bought by real money in order to buy goods or chips on the social network.

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Commenting on all of this, and on the integration of real money gambling with social games on social networks, the CEO of IGT, Patti Hart said that sooner or later, the world of real money gambling is going to merge into social gaming on social networks. She also added that people would imagine playing Zynga Poker with real money, winning and losing real chips; it would me much more fun and competitive. She also stated that if different states decide to permit that integration between real money and social gaming, the makers of social games will become members in an industry that generates 30 billion dollars annually, having 4.5 billion in the United States alone.

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Patti Hart tipped the hat off to Zynga and Silicon Valley for creating virtual currency from buying virtual goods, as these kinds of purchases and goods doesn’t come with any regulatory impediments. She added that if Zynga decided to transform this success and make Zynga games an all out real money gambling game, it would face troubles and a lot of regulatory related issues.

Even if these social games don’t join the real money gambling world, it is still a huge business that has huge turnovers. For example, in 2012, players are expected to spend about 2.9 billion dollars buying virtual goods / currency. This is quite a development when compared to the numbers from last year which was 2.2 billion dollars.


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