YouTube, Online TV Web Series Hits

Have you turned off your cable service and kept your internet service as have many lately? With services like Hulu and Netflix it seems like a logical cost saving entertainment solution. online tvOnline TV offers personal customization of your entertainment selections and an infinite amount of variety for so much less than what cable services are charging for even their basic packages.   There are more options than just Hulu and Netflix though.  YouTube offers a homebrew style television that is catching on all over the internet.  Some online tv shows have become instant web series hits like Upstairs Girls, Ask a Ninja and Legend of Neil.  Adding shows like these three hits to your viewing line up is something that cable just isn’t providing… yet.

Other web series hits like the Jace Hall Show and the Guild have been around for awhile and demonstrate what a few dollars, great writing and a sense of humor can accomplish.  In about seven minutes, both the Jace Hall Show and the Guild pack in more laughs than a 22 minute nationally broadcast sitcom.

Web Television is quickly going the way of music; there are so many different styles, talent and musical variety in the music industry that it is impossible to keep up with every band or performer that is available and online tv is mimicking that same infinite variety.


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