YouTube Hack Rerouted to Adult Websites

YouTube Hack

Hackers attacked YouTube over the weekend and according to industry observer Richard Adhikari, “injecting pop-ups, disabling comments and redirecting viewers to porn sites when they tried to access videos.”

Unexpectedly, Adhikari reported, the hack “followed the online publication of a YouTube HTML code injection exploit.”

“Really, it must be some kind of prank, I don’t know. Um… yeah, well, I’m hoping the video I really want to see will come up when this is over…”

The hackers utilized a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack on YouTube to incorporate code into a user’s browser instance, using HTML script on the comments pages of the user.

Jay Nancarrow, Google spokesperson, told TechNewsWorld that the hacking exploited a vulnerability unique to YouTube, and “could not have been used to access any Google accounts or other properties.” He also cited that Google released a complete fix for the problem immediately.

Richard Adhikari said, “(Nancarrow) declined to comment on reports that videos of teen singer Justin Bieber were the most heavily hacked.”

However, Tech Jackal noted that Bieber was, in fact, the target of the hack, adding that “the pranksters also started a vicious rumor about the singer being killed in a car accident.”

“What? Honey I’ve been a big Justin Bieber fan for, oh, a long time now. Yeah, he’s great. These are just some videos of his I haven’t seen yet.”

The site 4Chan “is being blamed for the attacks,” Tech Jackal says, adding that “there are several other hacker site groups that were most likely part of the action. 4Chan users and defenders say the hack job had nothing to do with them.”

The site “is currently encouraging people to vote to send the 16-year-old heartthrob to North Korea. The young singer had asked his fans to vote on where he should stop on his tour and some folks are hoping to send him to an undesirable location,” according to Tech Jackal.

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