Xbox Kinect Makes Your TV Smarter

XboxThe video gaming world has come a long way since the days of super Nintendo and Sega gaming systems. The graphics have improved considerably, as well as the complexity of games offered. No longer do remote controls need to be plugged into the system, instead wireless is a common feature.

Xbox, a Microsoft owned company, has surpassed the wireless controller, to create a completely hands free device. The Xbox Kinect was launched in late 2010 and received high sales and rave reviews by users. The Kinect relies on technology similar to a webcam, that reacts to the movements and vocal commands that the user makes.

Many people consider the development in gaming to be one of the biggest since Ninetendo debuted their Wii Console. While based on similar principles, the Kinect has surpassed the Wii in user reviews. Instead of only using the controllers range of motion, the Kinect monitors each movement the user makes.

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