XBox Kinect, 3D Realistic Avatars

Xbox 360 KinectCurrently the Xbox Kinect uses its interface to capture the users motions and body and place them into a video gaming scenario. While millions of users enjoy the new found technology, the Microsoft Corporation continues to strive towards more advanced options. One of the newest researches being done is that on three dimensional avatars.

The new technology is likely to have the capability to produce real time representations of the user. These representations will be almost perfect 3D images of the users based off of the information gathered from the Kinect device. The service will be offered through the popular Xbox live feature.

The avatars will appear so realistic many have mistaken them for actual photos. The Xbox live program will allow users to have full blown conversations via the Kinect and 3D avatars, as if they were actually there. While the face will be photorealistic the body is still likely to be mostly animated.

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