Mark Whysall

Mark Whysall is the founder and the chief editor of adi-news.com. Born in Nottingham, England, Mark Whysall has worked with ABC news for more than a decade. Before coming to theUnited States in 1995, Mark wrote for a multitude of newspapers in the United Kingdom, working as a columnist covering special interest, business, technology and world events.  Mark is also credited with guest columns in the Los Angeles Star, British Offshore News and the Michigan Star.  Mark is also a featured writer of the Associated Presses.  Mark has recently taken an interest in domain and business news, health and fitness as well stories pertaining to the social aspects of online media, internet marketing and social networking.

You can reach Mark at mark.whysall@adi-news.com

Tina Dixon

Tina graduated from the Langara College of Journalism program in 1995, and followed that immediately with a summer internship at the Quesnel Cariboo-Observer. Tina has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years. She is our main contributor of the Entertainment beat.

You can reach her at tina.dixon@adi-news.com

Rakesh Bhardwaj

Born and raised up in India, Mr. Bhardwaj came to America in order to pursue higher education. Rakesh graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Journalism in 2002. Rakesh is our main contributor of the financial beat.

You can reach him at rakesh.bhardwaj@adi-news.com

Hilary Thomas

Hilary Thomas is a professional journalist who covers lifestyle and health stories.  Hillary is a graduate of the University of Wyoming where she earned a Masters Degree in Human Kinetics. Hilary has been a health and fitness trainer and counselor within some of the most well-known sports teams across North America. Hilary combines her education, professional working background and her sense for a good story and delivers Health & Nutrition news with her own style.

You can Hilary her at hilary.thomas@adi-news.com

Jonathan Cole

Jonathan has been a sports journalist for with ADI-News.com over 10 years. He left CBS-NEWS in 2002 where he worked as a sports and consumer interests’ columnist.  Prior to that position, Jonathan led a news staff for The AM-National Post. Jonathan was born in Vancouver, Canada and he began his career as a journalist in Edmonton back in 1985 and  since, has written a daily column and worked as a photojournalist for the last twenty-one years.

You can reach him at jonathan.cole@adi-news.com

Michael Whitlatch

Michael Whitlatch has been a professional writer for nearly two decades.  Having his first works of fiction published when he was eighteen, Mr. Whitlatch then turned to screenwriting and playwriting.  Michael later worked in management and as a programmer while building his writing company SureWriteSEO.  Michael wears two hats at ADI-News.com, one as a technology and entertainment writer and the other as our media and technical expert.  Mr. Whitlatch is in charge of bringing ADI-News into the modern age of video and TV broadcasting with our new ADI-News TV Online project.

You can reach him at michael.whitlatch@adi-news.com


Jeniffer Winget

Jeniffer is one of our most experienced journalists. At adi-news.com Ms. Winget covers Travel, Tech, and general news. Jeniffer is also an educator and has been a guest speaker at several schools of journalism in the US and Canada.

You can reach her at jeniffer.winget@adi-news.com

Jane Kauzlarich

Jane Kauzlarich is a retired Iowa educator with 36 years of service.  She volunteered with the U.S. Forest Service in Idahofor ten summers and currently devotes her time at a no-kill animal shelter and a wildlife rehabilitation facility at the Iowa Great Lakes.  She is a published writer of poetry, essays, and children’s books.