Would Batman Find Passive Location Tracking Unethical?

What smartphone manufaturer’s and app developers may have had in mind in storing WiFi data for use in passive location tracking features might seem a little unethical and possibly even very similar to technology described in http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.com/dvdsite/. Is it unethical to store the data if you have agreed to it? Is there a good purpose, something that serves the good of all smartphone owners? ¬† Technically, yes unethical, as most users were unaware that they agreed to it. Would most users agree to it now that they know?

Most likely, because several apps in development will use this technology and the stored data to provide a much richer tracking experience for GPS tracking, emergency tracking services and even FourSquare discussed some uses during SXSW. Can it be used for wrong-doing, government spying, Big Brother kind of action? Absolutely, positively, maybe. There is not much the government cannot already access regarding data on cell phones with a duly authorized search warrant.

Is the storing of data similar and its potential use consider spying on the masses? Many believe so, but those that do not should be given the opportunity to use the technology if it is up front and agreed upon.

Copyright Warner Brothers and all respective copyright holders for use as educational demonstration.
The Dark Knight (2008) , Created by Christopher Nolan, Distributed by Warner Brothers

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