World Cup At South Africa “Adventure of a Lifetime”

South Africa’s 2010 FIFA World Cup, set for June 11- July 11, will be an event to remember. But this amazing continent has so much more to offer than world-class soccer. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not venture beyond host cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town to witness a culmination of indigenous peoples, culture, landscape and wildlife that will indulge your passion for exploration and discovery.

To truly capture Africa’s extraordinary beauty, you need the guidance of experienced, insightful experts who possess a deep understanding of place and culture — leaders who can foster a true connection with the environment and its inhabitants. The adventure you crave is unique, and your African escape should be, as well.

Okavango Tours & Safaris ( is your escort to a highly customized saga that is equally wonderful and worry-free. Named for the Okavango Delta (, the world’s largest inland delta on Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, this collaboration of pathfinders helps you intimately explore swampland, forests, rivers, bush, and savannah as you immerse yourself in Africa’s heartland and encounter its rawest form.

Nature Unspoiled
If you crave an authentic, uncommon escape, Okavango Tours & Safaris is your gateway to the most unusual, spectacular and remote regions of Africa. Guests are taught preservation of heritage, respect for the land and its inhabitants, and the importance of resourcefulness throughout their journey.

The environmentally sustainable accommodations like the Lodges of Botswana ( provide a variety of habitats nestled creatively and unobtrusively, and decorated by indigenous artists. Locally grown reed, grass and canvas are examples of the principal construction materials, and solar-generated power is used for electricity and hot water. Structures are elevated to minimize disturbance of the land and vegetation below. Everything that is compostable is returned to the earth.

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