William Hill Hires Lexis

William Hill, the British based gambling group has been very busy for the last 12 months. It has been premiering online gaming offerings in Italy, Austria and Spain.

Following these recent activities, the British internet and land based giant has been reported to hire the services of Lexis, the firm for public relations to support its social media.

The manager of public relations for William Hill, Kate Miler, has stated that they already have a very strong presence in the High Street as the company has two thousand and four hundred shops in the United Kingdom.

Despite this strong presence, the company needs to use other venues and channels in order to expand its business on an international scale. She added that the social media importance have increased, especially among the fans of sporting events which was very clear from the Olympic Games.

For instance, Twitter has became one of the most important and most viewed communication stream and this is why they are doing their best in order to make the best out of their products.

The social media that is available on the internet allows the company to promote its products to international markets. It will also allow them to custom make their content to other markets.

This is not the first business relation between William Hill and Lexis as Lexis has worked with the company before on the Greyhound Derby in last May.

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