William Hill and the 2014 UK Gambling Laws

Online Gambling in the UKThere have been a lot of rumors and reports that indicate that the Britain based online and land based William Hill is going to go against the new taxation plans of the govt. The govt. has announced that starting from the end of 2014; it is going to implement a fifteen percent tax on gambling operators the point of consumption.

William Hill has already started to take steps to challenge such the laws by asking the lawyers to start working on the argument documents to challenge this new taxation policy. This new policy was discussed and announced last March in order to tax the offshore operators who offer their services in the gambling market of the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the lawyers have already given warnings to the govt. that the new policy is against the European Law and is deemed illegal. This is due to the fact that these policies are against the free goods and services’ movement for tax reasons.

The current taxation laws that were presented by the govt. taxed the operators according to the point of supply rather than point of consumption. This law allowed the gambling operators to move offshore and still offer their services to the residents of the United Kingdom without having to be taxed.

This is why many operators left the UK and only a few stayed. According to statistics, 90 percent of the gambling services that are catered to the United Kingdom punters are supplied from offshore locations outside of the United Kingdom.

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