William Hill and Betfair in Court

Online Gambling in the UKThere have been reports that indicate an upcoming clash in courts between two of the biggest games in the world of gambling. These two names are the rivals, Betfair and William Hill . The clash is over the bid to obligate the clients of Betfair to contribute and donate to the industry of horseracing through the Horserace Betting Levy.

According to the ruling that was issued in 2011 by the Horserace Betting Levy, the clients and customers that wager on horseracing through wagering exchanges are not obligated to donate funds to the horseracing sport and industry. William Hill is being supported by the Horseracing Authority of Britain and they plan to challenge this ruling because they believe that the bettors are obligated to contribute.

Betfair already contributes a decent amount of funds to the levy, but it does that by choice as a voluntary initiative as Betfair believes that it is not obligated to contribute any funds to the levy according to the ruling. The contributions that Betfair has given to the British horse racing have amounted up to 6 million British pounds this last year.

Betfair has stated that it is not obligated to pay any contributions to the British horse racing sport because the bettors and clients of the company are not businesses but they are individuals. This is why there is no obligation to contribute. The interim chief executive of Betfair, Stephen Morana has said that the company is sure that the ruling of last year by the levy is going to be upheld.

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