Will Zack Braff and ‘Veronica Mars’ Hurt Kickstarter?

WordPress Backup BlogVaultKickstarter and crowd sourcing has become the target of many aspiring stars who are looking forward to funding their projects.

Kickstarter was commonly used for small to medium-sized projects but now, it is starting to be targeted by well-known stars who need funding and do not want the project and the final cut to be under the mercy of companies or as Zack Braff describes it “The Money Man”.

Zack Braff is currently running a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his new project, “Wish I Was Here”. He has a target  of 2 million and he has raised 1.75 million dollars already with 28 days to go.

In the promotional video of his Kickstarter project, Zack Braff says that he always wanted to make new movies after Garden State but he was always hindered by the funding and after seeing the great success of the Veronica Mars Project, he decided to do the same for his project.

This way, he will be able to do what he likes with the movie without any interference from the “Money Man”. Kickstarter offers backers “prizes” a.k.a. rewards, for their financial contribution up to and including being a member of the cast of the movie. Other rewards include tickets to the premiere as well as the after party.

The Veronica Mars project raised an outstanding 5.7 million after having a target of 2 million only. After the great success of the Veronica Mars TV series, fans were always looking forward to seeing Kristen Bell reappear as Veronica Mars once again.

So when Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell headed to Kickstarter, they made that chance possible for all of the fans who were incredible enough to raise more than double of the initial target. It also offered backers great rewards including a role in the movie.

Product creation, movies, games, Kickstarter has it all, but will big name movie, tv stars and video game giants hurt the independent’s chances for funding?  Read this follow up article, The Celebrities ‘ruining’ Kickstarter



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