WildJoker.net is Online Gambling in the US a Foregone Conclusion?

Online Gambling in the USWildJoker.net is Online Gambling in the US a Foregone Conclusion?

Online gambling in the United States still remains illegal, but there are currently Bills that are teetering on becoming law in several states.  Opposition comes from a number of different interest groups, but are those interests in-line with the potential power-up to the economy that the United States and individual States so desperately need right now?  Online gambling in the United States may not be a foregone conclusion as some might think.  The fears of several interest groups with political clout could continue to hold back legislation from passing.  In an article entitled “Online Gambling, Prohibition and the Cookie Jar”  Wildjoker.net examines the effects of a continued prohibition of internet gambling within the United States.  The article suggests that the continued prohibition only “leaks money” out of the US and quotes BBC Online News’ figures of what is now a £42bn industry.

State Senator Raymond Lesniak feels that the State of New Jersey should legalize online gambling within the State.  He plans to introduce legislation this November.  As it stands now, it appears to be a race to be the first to allow online gambling for many of the States.  As reported by several news sources and NPR this morning, “Washington, D.C. may soon be the first place in America where residents can legally gamble online.” (or play online poker).

The fall could hold the legalization of online gambling for those residing in the nation’s capital.  It would appear that for some places within the US, online gambling is a foregone conclusion, however that conclusion may not be the same for the entire United States anytime soon.  In several States, online gambling is a misdemeanor while in others it carries a felony charge.  As it stands now, online gambling is still illegal in the United States.  However, for those that are truly interested, it may be time to pack the lot up and head to DC and perhaps New Jersey.


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