Wikipedia Back after 24 Hour Blackout

FacebookWikipedia Back after 24 Hour Blackout

Wikipedia is now back in its full working order after a 24 hour blackout, but they have declared that, they are not yet done.

The site blackout was done in protest to the proposed anti-piracy legislation in the US wherein 8 US lawmakers have withdrawn their support for the intended bills.

Incidentally, among those who have withdrawn their support were Florida’s Marco Rubio and Missouri’s Roy Blunt, two of the bill’s co-sponsors. They have announced that their withdrawal was based on legal matters.

Sopa and Pipa

Since the anti-piracy plan was proposed in October of last year, Sopa and the Pipa, have caused significant issues with Internet consumers and business industries alike.
The aim of Wednesday’s action was to elevate the awareness regarding the dispute to the people outside the high tech community. But according to Wikipedia, this objective was not achieved.
The opposition to both Sopa and Pipa is increasing with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, declaring that the two laws are hurting the development of the Internet therefore; he and Facebook will persist in opposing any other laws that will present harm to the world of the Internet.


Google on the other hand, declared that they have gathered 4.5 millions signatures from their visitors from the United States for the petition that Google has forwarded.
The bill’s supporters though, were quick in criticizing the website’s actions with Ex-Senator Chris Dodd, describing the blackouts as a way of abusing the power that the encyclopedia website has over the users of the Internet.
And there is still an ongoing word sparring between Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corporation and a supporter of Sopa, with Twitter users.
In the UK however, people who are worried about the possible effect of the plan on the Internet, are closely watching the preparations within Sopa and Pipa.
Internet users are gravely threatened with these issues and websites are doing all they can to protect what they think is the right of the users for free information and the chance to get connected to the world.


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