Wii, Playstation and Xbox Kinect Motion Capture Controls

Xbox 360 KinectWhile Nintendo may not be known for its high quality gaming graphics, it is known for its user likeability. Nintendo has always focused on pleasing the consumer who wants to play video games that aren’t over the top difficult and complex. This has been part of their gaming systems since the first Nintendo was made.

The debut of the Nintendo Wii exemplified the attitude that everyone should be able to play video games. The easy to use interface and controls allow people of all ages to enjoy playing games alone or with others. Wii was the first gaming console that allowed real motion to influence what happens in the game.

For many years people have been wishing that the movement of controllers would help Mario and Luigi jump a little higher, but it wasn’t until Shigeru Miyamoto started focusing on player interaction. The console debut sparked others to create similar options such as the PlayStation version and the new Xbox Kinect.

The Wii motion controllers were a fantastic addition to the gaming community. Right now Xbox Kinect is being downplayed in some Gamestop stores per the personal opinions of some of their staff. Those employees personal opinions are pointing to the Playstation motion device as superior to that of Xbox Kinect. Some of the reasons that were given that the Xbox Kinect is failing is that it works poorly in low lighting conditions and that it has some difficulty reading children under a certain height.

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  1. What? The Kinect works like a charm in low light. 90% of gamestop employees have no clue what they are talking about.

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