Wi-Fi Online Gambling for Nevada

Cantor Gaming has announced that the company is going to launch a new wi-fi based sport betting solution for the Nevada.

Cantor Gaming is based in Las Vegas and it is an affiliate of Cantor Fitzgerald. Cantor Fitzgerald is a well known international provider for smart phone and in play wagering and gambling solutions.

Cantor Gaming already handles the sportbooks of 7 venues in the state of Nevada and it has also revealed that this new solution for sport betting is designed for personal devices; this includes laptops, PCs, smart phones and tablets.

This new solution is going to allow gamblers to place wagers on any sport they want wherever they are in the state of Nevada.

It has also been revealed that such an innovative solution will allow the player to wager without having to connect to a 3G to a 4G internet connection as any simple wi-fi network within the state of Nevada will do the job.

Commenting on this new solution, the President of Cantor Gaming, Lee Amaitis stated that it has always been a goal for the company to provide the gamblers with the ability to wager on sports by using a wi-fi network.

It has been the goal of the company following the release of the wagering application that was released last October that was compatible with Android devices.

This new solution adds to the convenience and the ease of placing bets as any player who wants to place any wagers will need a device and a simple wi-fi network to do that.

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