Why is Cloud Hosting Causing a Hype Storm?

Why is Cloud Hosting Causing a Hype Storm?

There’s a lot of hype happening right now about a technology that has been around since, what 2006? Cloud hosting and cloud computing are becoming big buzzwords again for a few reasons, the first being money and the second being that Amazon is offering packages for resellers and those resellers are signing up affiliates left and right. Has cloud computing really changed over the past five years? Not a whole lot, but it has been developed into a reliable technology that is becoming the standard for big businesses. Even after a massive data center outage back in April, Amazon still demonstrates that cloud hosting is solid, even though they had to learn a hard lesson about EBS re-mirroring. Even in the face of a near disastrous meltdown of the Amazon cloud, the technology has captured the minds of thousands of small business owners wanting to save on their IT service expenditures.

Is the Hype Warranted?

If you are just a casual user in need of a cloud, then there’s plenty to get excited about. Companies are offering free gigs of cloud space to and fro and as long as you understand that each company can set limits to file sizes, file transfers and space then everything should fall into place. One other thing to keep in mind about free cloud storage is that you are going to need more and that initial free stuff well, that’s just a taste. Most home users probably already have music archives well over 5 gigs. Obviously as your collection expands then so will the need for more real estate in the cloud. The hype about cloud hosting matters mostly for small to medium sized businesses. The money that they can save from switching to cloud architecture can be quite sizeable; if they find a service that fits all of their needs. Something that business owners need to make sure that they are getting is a service that has everything they need. Most cloud services that are doing full court press advertising right now offer cloud storage, but that’s not all that is needed for business. Businesses should also be looking for application serving, employee access management and a full menu of versatility, not just file backups.

Unlimited Online Backup

Home users that just want a place to store their music, movies and files can find plenty of cloud storage companies abound. One that does stand out is MyPCBackup and that’s because they offer unlimited online backup at low monthly rates. Besides the unlimited storage, they also make it possible to access those files from any device. While their not the first to offer these services, they are one of the first to offer all of them together and at a flat rate. Other cloud services will offer device access al a carte and that can get to be very pricey. Home users should not have to pay for applications to get their own files from their mobiles or laptops, so if you are pricing cloud storage companies, make certain that you find a package like the one offered at MyPCBackup.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Cloud Storage Backup Space

1. Hard drives crash.
2. Laptops get stolen.
3. Viruses and Malware Think Your Files Should be Destroyed.
4. Angry Significant Others with a Grudge Towards Your Xbox, Laptop or Computer.
5. Automated Backups, no More DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray Backups Being Used as Improvised Coasters.
6. Data Protection and Versioning (Especially Important for Students with Dogs).
7. Access to Your Files from any Computer (Less Need for Flash Drives on Your Keychain).
8. Protect Family Photos and Videos from Acts of Nature Such as Floods and Fires.
9. More Room to Upload Videos of Cats.


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