Who is Visiting Las Vegas this Year?

Las Vegas HotelsHalfway into 2012, Las Vegas is keeping up with the expectations of forty million visitors for the year 2012.

So far, to this date, almost half of this number, 19.93 million, have paid a visit to Las Vegas.

This is a 2.4% increase from the number of visitors who visited Las Vegas at the same period of last year.

The total number of people who visited Las Vegas for the month of June was also more than the number of people who visited it last year at the same month. It was an increase of 2.1%.

In numbers, 3.39 million people visited Las Vegas in June of this year while 3.32 million persons visited it in June of Last year. These numbers are provided by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

When it comes to hotels, the occupancy increased only 0.1%. As for motels, the occupancy decreased by 6.3%.

Weekend stays in the month of June decreased by 2.4% from June of last year and midweek occupancy also decreased by 0.4% from June of 2011. All in all, in June of 2012, Las Vegas had a total of 3.97 million occupied hotel rooms which is an increase of 0.7% from June of the previous year.

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