White iPhone to be Released 4/28…They Really Mean it

iPhoneAfter nearly a year past when it was originally supposed to be released, the iPhone 4 in white is finally due to be released tomorrow for sale to the public.  It was originally supposed to be sold at the same time as the black iPhone 4, but for reasons that have yet to be confirmed by Apple, the product was pulled.

Much speculation has gone on as to what the problem was, with the most likely being a problem with the pigment used to create the color allowing light to leak through to the glass back.


Since the iPhone 3GS and the iPad2 have both been released on schedule with white casings, the question remains as to what the difference in the casing materials is.  Even though the iPhone has been available for some time, there is no doubt that sales will temporarily boom, at least until the hype has worn off.


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