When Facebook Social Media Meets Professional Gambling

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When social gaming and professional gambling meet, the numbers become astonishing. For example, it is confirmed that more than half of the total number of Facebook users engage in social gaming or 53% to be exact. And there are five games that lay on the top of that list. This list contains everyone’s favorite Zynga game, Texas HoldEm Poker, DoubleDown Casino, Best Casino, Bingo Blitz and Slotomania. And Zynga, the game maker behind a lot of the very popular casino games accounts for almost twelve percent of the total revenue of Facebook. And for more stunning numbers, the five casino games mentioned above are confirmed to have at least 11.25 million players per day.

The Gold Mine to Online Casino Operations

These amazing numbers represent a gold mine to all of the gambling operators across the world. These numbers are sure to attract a huge number of these operators to the social gaming community, because as indicated by these numbers, the community of social gaming is going to merge into the world of professional online gambling. This merge is going to result in a very new, yet interesting category which contains both markets in one.

If you think about it, they are the perfect match for each other. Online professional gambling is a multi-million industry which is estimated at 30.0 billion U.S dollars. On the other hand, we have the social gaming community, this community is able to attract more than 300 million users monthly, and that’s only from the social networking giant Facebook. So this relation and merge would contain the money, provided by the gambling industry, and the stunning user reach, provided by social gaming.

Social Gaming

So it’s logical that the gambling operators would want to enter the world of social gaming in order to increase the number of the users they can attract, to get more reach. But of course, it’s not all about reach, as gambling operators have money as their first priority. But making money in the world of social gaming is different from making money in the gambling world. Instead of the players paying money to get coins to use it in a slot machine or to get credit to play a few turns of blackjack, they use their money to buy currency or in game items and goods to unlock new features of the game.

To clarify this point further, 20% of the players on the Facebook social games have purchased virtual goods or currency for in game gain through virtual currency, which are Facebook Credits. That indicated that buying virtual goods is a vital part of social gaming. Because its only human nature, as everyone wants to be the best at what he does. That’s why people buy currency or goods to get a higher level or unlock new features.

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