What YouTube Sensation Michelle Phan has Done for Lancome

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Lancome was already a popular brand for makeup and skin care products, but with a mention of one eyeliner or eyeshadow, Michelle Phan improves sales for Lancome.

Michelle Phan

If you are not yet familiarized with the works of Michelle Phan, check her out on YouTube. Her makeup tutorials are fantastic and have already reached millions of users. Michelle demonstrates how to apply makeup for looks like, Lady Gaga, Vampires and even Anime Eyes. Michelle doesn’t strictly use Lancome products on the tutorials. She will use several different brands, but Lancome has definitely benefited the most from these tutorials.


Every business needs a Michelle Phan. No matter how much advertising Lancome has paid for over the past year, their name has been circulated around the globe faster and with more pizazz than any television commercial, by Michelle Phan’s tutorials. Is it that Michelle Phan is cute or amazingly-fabulous? Sure, it helps, but the reason Michelle Phan (the most subscribed female on YouTube with 1 million) is so successful, is her dedication to her art and teaching make-up application.


Michelle Phan is probably the best thing that has happened to make-up companies like Lancome, ever. Can other businesses mimic this success? Many are trying, but the real appeal of Michelle Phan is her genuine desire for her artistry. Sincerity and desire can’t be faked or imitated and that is why Lancome and other make-up companies are lucky to have her on their side.

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