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Cloud Backup and Cloud StorageWhat to Look For When Choosing Cloud Storage

When choosing a cloud storage company, there are a lot of options out there. In order to get the most amount of storage and the best services for your money, it’s important to understand what all of the features are and how they will affect your cloud storage capabilities. Since you want the most value; understanding your options will help significantly.  Top10CloudStorage. com offers cloud storage reviews and cloud storage comparisons for anyone looking for reliable cloud backup and cloud storage services.

Cloud Storage Comparisons – Bandwidth and Storage

Two of the most important features to look for in  cloud storage comparisons are unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. The bandwidth is critical because it will determine how much data you can transmit on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have an unlimited amount, you are not bound to what you can send to the cloud. In terms of storage, if you have a lot of data, you don’t want to reach a capacity and have to find another cloud for the rest of your files. With an unlimited amount, there is no end in sight as to how much data you are able to store – which is the most cost effective method that is out there.

Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Backup – Back Up Your System

Looking at the backups of your system is also important. Depending on how often you use your computer and update your files, it’s imperative that they are backed up appropriately. If you are in the habit of forgetting to back up your files, you can choose automated backups. This will trigger a reminder on your computer at pre-selected intervals so that the cloud and your computer will do the backup without you having to do anything to get the process to begin.

You can also choose selective backups. If you have only updated a single folder, such as music, word files or photos, you can be selective and have a single backup performed. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to waste time having your entire computer backed up online. This is also beneficial if you have had significant changes and you are still a week or so away from your next scheduled backup.

When it comes to uploading your files to the cloud, you can choose to have the system auto detect changes. In this situation, the cloud software will only look for files that have been changed since your last upload. This will reduce the size of the upload as well as the time that your computer is scanned for any changes. It will also minimize the file syncing that is necessary to update any of the files that you have older versions of on the cloud.

The syncing of files is important because there are multiple ways to do this. You can choose to have a file overwritten or another version created. Depending upon the type of data and what you use the data for, it’s important that your cloud storage company gives you different synchronization options in order to meet your needs.

System Security Cloud Storage Reviews

Family photos and music may not need a lot of security but businesses that utilize credit card transactions and financials may need more security. As a result, cloud storage companies should offer different levels of encryption. This will ensure that no hackers will be able to get in and take the data that is being stored. Every cloud company has a different level of encrypting files and so it’s vital to pay attention to how they guarantee security.

Another aspect of system security is the ability to share folders with other users. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the benefit of cloud computing is that it enables sharing of files and folders with other people from all over the world. This is more effective than network attached storage devices because a person doesn’t have to be connected to a network in order to gain access to files and folders.

The options that allow for a folder to be shared will depend upon the company and how they have set up the infrastructure. Some will set up profiles which will allow a person with a username and password to access certain folders and files while others have particular collaboration applications set up where both users can access the files at the same time. Regardless of the desired method, it’s important to look at the options from cloud storage reviews before going with a particular storage company.

Cloud ComputingLearning About Cloud Computing

If you are new to cloud computing or the company you’ve chosen has features that you are unsure of how to use, it’s important that you learn how to use these. Video tutorials are being offered more frequently by different companies because it allows you to view a step by step process of the different tools. These can be more effective than listening to tech support or having someone explain it to you in a written manual. The videos are typically available on YouTube or for download to your computer. They can be watched repeatedly until the concept is understood.

Cloud computing is often underused because the companies offer services that don’t get used because they are foreign concepts. By ensuring that a cloud storage company offers the tutorials in a video format, it ensures that you get your full money’s worth. You may even find that the cloud storage is easier to use than you thought.

Getting Support

When you choose a cloud storage company, you want to make sure they are providing the level of support that you need. This includes being available when you need to ask questions, no matter what time of day or night it is. It also means being available in different ways based upon how you are comfortable communicating. The various kinds of support may differ, too, based upon how advanced of a user you are.

Harddrive support can be offered in a number of different ways. This will ensure that you are able to get everything from your hard drive onto your cloud. It will also help you to set up the folders on your hard drive to make it easier for the cloud to do the regular updates. It may also involve turning your hard drive into a cloud of its own as an alternative to an NAS (network attached storage). If any of these are important to you, then your cloud company should offer it to you.

Another form of support is the 24/7 support. This ensures that you can reach someone in tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are having an upload or download problem, you may not have the ability to wait until the weekend is over or wait until the next morning when someone is finally in. If you need to speak to someone right away because of complications or questions, you shouldn’t have to wait.

The tech support can be offered in a number of different ways. Many companies brag about having the support 24/7 but not all of them have it in a format that is conducive to how you need to convey a particular problem. The different forms of support are available via:

– Phone

– Email

– Online support

The phone support usually includes a toll-free number. You may have to wait on hold to get someone but it will allow you to communicate with someone live. Make sure there is a toll-free number, however, otherwise you could end up with long distance fees.

Email is another common form of support. In this case, you email the problem you’re having. Then, someone will email you back with a response. Even though there is someone manning the email 24/7, it may take hours to get your response. It could also result in a back and forth effort to get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.

The other form of support is online support where you will communicate via text messages with someone. In some instances, the tech support can dial into your computer. This will allow them to adjust the settings on your behalf and see what problems you are having. You may also be able to print out a log of the conversation that you had to keep for your records.

Access Your Cloud Anywhere

Your cloud data isn’t just to be used on your computer. The benefit of a cloud is that it can be used absolutely anywhere. You can access it anywhere you go as long as you have an internet connection. If you are on travel, you can access it via any computer that you have. If you have a tablet, mobile phone or any other mobile device, you can also access your cloud if the company has the right tools in place.

Check to see if your cloud storage company offers mobile apps. This will allow you to download them to your mobile device. Ensure that it’s available in iOS or Android systems based upon what you have. This will allow you to then access a mobile site of your cloud server to download files, work on different programs and even stream music and videos that are stored on your cloud.

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