What Puts the Social in Social Media and Online Dating?

Social Media and Online DatingOnline Dating and Social Media

It has almost become bad form not to connect your business to Twitter or Facebook. A commercial won’t go by without flashing that they can be reached on any number of social media applications from car manufacturer’s to grocery stores; instant contact and instant gratification are being built in to everything.

Facebook, iPhone and SmartDating

Online dating, a social media in and of itself, is even making connections to Facebook. The free iPhone dating app, SmartDating not only connects to Facebook, but also has the option to connect to SocialConnect, an award winning Facebook dating app. So, networks connecting to networks, ad infinitum opens up a lot of potential for dating.

Connecting People

SmartDating doesn’t just stop at a universe of possibilities for dating; it takes what used to be left up to fate and puts it in the hands of the dater. The app has a feature that reveals all the members of the free service that are in the vicinity of the user. Imagine a college campus or a concert. Crowded, full of people you’ll never in a million years get to know, but with SmartDating turned on, you can find out which interested singles are attending the same concert or school, read their profile and even contact them all from the app.

Connecting people online is the easy part, the harder part is where others have lagged, but SmartDating has definitely taken the reigns of making it easier for people to meet in real life which is what online dating should be about.

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