What Happen to Anti-Obama Links on Google Trends?

Google and Anti-Obama Link

Alex Jones’ PrisonPlanet.com, the primary responsible for disseminating Charlie Sheen’s President Obama fan fiction, is alleging the internet search behemoth Google has conspired to delete some anti-Obama clips in Google owned YouTube clip from Google Trends search page.

For those people unaware with Google trends page, Google trends is a free service that provides charts that show how often words, phrases and topics have been searched for over time. Of course, Google has a capability to manipulate or to control the trend results.

While a lot of people are speculating that the God of the internet is trying to “cover up” the conspiracy theory, it is far more likely the term, if the anti-Obama clips were removed by Google, has been purposely stricken from Trends due to manipulation by some users:

“However, within half an hour the term had been completely removed by Google and resulted in no news story links. These actions replicated Google’s activity in the days beforehand when it removed other terms such as ‘The Obama Deception’, ‘Infowars’, ‘Fall of the Republic’ and ‘Google Censorship’ – which had all become some of the most searched topics on the internet… Today we urge you to search the term ‘Google Launches Cover Up’ to make this article one of the most widely read on the internet.”

According to an update of the radical website page, the steady position of the term “Google launches cover up” on the Trends list shows that Google has decided not to “(repeat) its previous actions of completely removing the term almost immediately.”

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