What are the Odds on New Jersey Being the Center of Online Gambling?

New Jersey Online GamblingWhat are the Odds on New Jersey Being the Center of Online Gambling

Since the reverse decision that the United States Dept. of Justice announced concerning its opinion on the legal situation of online gambling, several states have been in a race to legalize online gambling. New Jersey is one of these states, as the state Senate committee has accepted a bill that would legalize online gambling in the state of New Jersey. This bill as usual, didn’t include any points mentioning horse and track racing. The bill is considered to be a revised bill from the one that was rejected in the last session by Governor Chris Christie who is known for his position against the legalizing of online gambling outside the borders of Atlantic City.

New Jersey Online Gambling

The hearing at the state Senate committee, before the Budget and Appropriations Committee, witnessed a lot of objections from the spokesmen representing the horse racing community. They announced their position, that they refuse the fact that their industry is not included in such bill. This means that their industry will be harmed by losing millions of dollars in revenue from the legalizing of other forms of online gambling. Their allegations were based on the fact that this proposal and its results will lead to an unfair playing field, as it supports one type of industry and not the other. In this case, the bill is supporting online gambling at the expense of horse racing. This was stated by the president of the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association, Thomas Luchento.

In order to guarantee the rights of the horse racing industry, state Senator Jennifer Beck, who is a known supporter for the horse racing community, stated that there are different ways that will guarantee the rights of horse racing. but that those proposals aren’t going to make it around Christie’s veto or the legal challenge.

The Competition: Nevada Online Gambling

At the beginning of this year, Christie used his right to veto the previous edition of this bill. His reason behind the veto is that the bill legalized online gambling outside of Atlantic City. The governor refuses to expand any gambling activities to the rest of New Jersey in an attempt to protect gambling revenue within the borders of Atlantic City.

An online gambling lobbyist, William Pascrell III, stated that the state of New Jersey has to take fast actions before other neighboring states or California and Nevada beat the state to the stunning revenue generator that being the first to legalize online gambling will become.

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