Whale Attack a Yacht

Whale Attack

South African sailing instructors Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes were having a great day whale watching close to Cape Town, South Africa. While these middle-aged South African Sailors watching a particular whale for an hour, a 40-tonne whale leapt out of the water and on to their boat. Luckily, the whale watchers were not injured nor did their boat take on any water.

“Instinctively, I took cover as the mast came crashing down. I saw my partner, Ralph, dive for cover behind the yacht’s wheel. Then the whale slid down the side of the boat and back into the water,” Werner said to BBC.

Other reports claim that boats in the area had been harassing the mammal by going closer than the 300-metre exclusion zone required by marine authorities.

“I keep on warning people not to go within 300 meters of them,” Marine activist Nan Rice told the Cape Argus. “Whales are not gentle giants but are very territorial and will charge if they feel endangered.”

However, Werner replied and interpreted it differently.

“He was just having fun,” she said and added: They have very poor eyesight and obviously if they’re breaching visibility is very poor. The whale did not intend to attack us.”

The couple was able to make it to shore after the 40 ton whale wrecked the 33 foot yacht. Both sailors are no strangers to whales. They have witnessed the amazing animals on many sailing expeditions. Ralph Mothes owns the Cape Town Sailing Academy. Ms. Paloma Werner has worked for the academy for five years.

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