Weight Loss, Your Bloating is What You Eat

Diet PlansHave you noticed that you are experiencing more bloating lately? Have you switched to a sugar substitute to lower calories, or maybe you have been eating more salads? That bloat will happen naturally, especially with eating healthy vegetables, but some of the bloat can be completely avoided by making a few changes to your diet plan.

Weight Loss Diet Plans

If you are on a heavy routine of vegetables, consider not eating a large amount in one sitting. The body is going to need about 4 hours in between, so if you can, try to spread the vegetables and even fruits up among different meals. One of the biggest causes of bloating is caffiene. If you can completely cut it out, then that would be ideal, however, some still need that pick me up once in awhile. The stimulant is responsible for more bloat than most people would imagine. Trying to cut back would reduce the amount of bloat that you are experiencing.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetners like sorbitol should be used in careful moderation. Sorbitol doesn’t break down that quickly and will produce gases. Real sugar does not produce this effect. If you are able to use real sugar, then do so sparingly as opposed to an artificial sweetner if your bloating is causing discomfort.

Energy Drinks and Weight Loss

Weight Loss diet plans may cause you some bloating, but reducing some of the big offenders should help you feel more comfortable. Remember that several energy drinks on the market contain 3-4 of the biggest bloat causers, caffiene, sorbitol and sodium. If you have been feeling a extended in the abdominal region lately, then consider reducing your intake of energy drinks and see if that helps.

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