Walt Disney World Resorts and Disneyland Raise Ticket Prices

Disneyland Price Increase Disneyland Resort recently announced its annual price hike that will be effective this Thursday instead of the regular Friday/Sunday dates. The price of a one-day, one-park ticket fell at $76 for adults and children under the age of 3-9 years will costs $68. The new implemented Disneyland price increase is effective this Thursday, August 5.

Disneyland annual passports quite increased a bit again this year. The Premium Annual Passport priced is climbing in between $30 to $459 and the Deluxe passes are up $40 to $329, or $428 with parking. Additionally, Southern California Annual Passes are up $45 to $239, while Southern California Select Passes are up $40 to $184. The parking charge is $99 add-on to all passes with the exception for Premium and Premier passes, where it is already included. The Premier Pass, which is both valid at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, are still at $700.

“We continuously monitor the marketplace to ensure pricing that reflects a strong entertainment value,” said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, according to The Orange County Register.

The Disney management team strategically plans the announcement of their ticket price increases at the beginning of August. This announcement might boost the company’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings.

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