Virgin Casino Promotion for August 27

Online Gambling in the UKVirgin Casino has just announced its most recent promotion that is going to make all of Virgin Casino’s players very happy, whether they lose or win. The promotion is named Double Chance Happy Winners Happy Losers. This promotion is going to initiate on the 27th of August and will last until the 30th of August.

This promotion doubles the chances of a player to get a daily bonus. This is due to the fact that this bonus is offered to players whether they are winners or losers.

Players have to opt in the promotion in order to participate and become eligible for the daily bonus. The bonuses from the promotion are going to be paid to the accounts of the players, not retrospectively.

Players who are qualified for the bonuses and eligible to participate in the promotion will be informed by a message. Players will have to play on the designated games for this promotion in order to be eligible for the bonus.

Gamblers who lose or win a minimum of fifty British pounds will get a bonus of five British pounds. Gamblers who lose or win a minimum of two hundred British pounds will win a bonus of thirty British pounds.

Last but not least, players who lose or win at least five hundred British pounds will be entitled for a bonus of eighty give British pounds.

The games designated for this promotion can be found at the terms and conditions section at Virgin Casino.

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