Vegas.Me Reviews More Tours in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam

Las Vegas TourWhat ever happened to the family vacation through the United States? Was it gas prices that made it less economical or was it television that crushed that great American expedition? Renew your patriotism this year and get out a US Map, if folding it back up is still a pain, then you can use your laptop or iPad and start marking some places where you want to take the family. It doesn’t have to be thousands of miles away, it could just be a trip to a neighboring state.

This is the type of family bonding experience that has been put on the back burner along with family dinners at the dining room table. There’s too much distance in families now and just watching the evening news can give you an indication of the results of that.

It doesn’t have to be first on your “We’ve Been There” list, but the Hoover Dam Las Vegas Tour should definitely be in there somewhere. Colorado River, the Black Canyon and Hoover Dam are quite an impressive assortment of stops on a Hoover Dam Las Vegas tour. The Hoover Dam is still one of the world’s greatest and largest wonders. It’s still right here in the USA and its right next door to Las Vegas and Lake Mead.

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