Vacation Travel to the Depths

go travelBluefish, one of the most recognizable names for vacation options for the wealthy has announced yet another option.  For the low price of $60,000 you can take a trip to the depths of the ocean and visit the wreckage of the Titanic.

The cost covers an 11-12 hour trip in a submersible that holds two guests as well as the pilot, weather permitting.  Since all of the submersibles are equipped with lights, you will be able to clearly see the vessel, anchor, and may be lucky enough to see other artifacts that may not have been recovered yet like articles of clothing and dishes.

Bluefish originally started offering this trip back in 2002 and sold quite a few before the recession hit.  Now that the economy is improving, sales are back up and at least four trips have already been booked.  Bluefish also offers private space tours, expeditions to the North Pole, and shark diving for those that can afford the hefty price tags.


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