Utah and Gambling

women poker playersThe state of Utah has been clear about its stance regarding online gambling, it has always been against it. This crusade is being led by the Utah Governor, Gary R. Herbert. His latest action was sending a letter on the 4th of April to two members of the Congress explaining to them why shouldn’t internet gambling be legalized on a national level.

He asked them in the letter to vote against the proposal that is being viewed by the Congress regarding the federalization of online poker and other forms of online gambling nationwide. He added that this matter has always been a matter which is regulated by each state, and states always had the right either to legalize or not to legalize online gambling. This decision was always taken putting the best interest of the state in mind, and how would such legalization affect and benefits the residents of the state.

Then he went on talking about how the state of Utah has been clear on its opinion on online gambling, and how they see that it will not benefit the residents and that it is not in the best interest of the state. Hence, if the Congress agrees to legalize it on a national level, the state of Utah will have to use its 10th Amendment right alongside the historical position regarding the legalizing of online gambling, or any other forms of wagering and betting.

Utah is considered one of only two states who don’t have a regulated and a legalized online gambling market, or any other form of gambling. The other jurisdiction is Hawaii. Although, Hawaii seems to be changing its mind, as it started to legalize and regulate online gaming and gambling in the beginning of this year. Back to Utah, as the state has already issued a law last spring that illegalized any type of card wagering on the internet, and bans any gambling activity, in case the Congress legalizes it. This action was taken right after the Dept. of Justice stated that the Wire Act that was issued in 2011 made the state an irrelevant party in preventing intrastate online gambling.

Stephan Sandstrong, the lawmaker of Utah was quick to react by stating that he would write down a proposal that he described a desperate try to aid the economy of the US. He added that these attempts to legalize online gambling nationwide and forcing it on states is against the moral codes of the United States of America.

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