US Memorial Day Reverence for The Sacrifice

Memorial DayGas is speculated to reach five dollars a gallon by Memorial Day and short trips may be out of the budget of many this year.   This year may be an opportune time to stay home and build family bonds, remember those that we have lost and those that have given their lives in the protection of our country.

The website suggest the some of the following ideas on how to spend your time on Memorial Day this year.

Visit cemeteries and place flowers and flags upon the graves of soldiers.

Visit Memorials.

Fly the US Flag at half staff from sunrise to noon.

Fly the POW/MIA flag.

Donate to charities that serve orphans, widowers and widows of those that gave their lives in our defense.

Donate to charities that assist disabled veterans.

Traditions that live on today may have lost meaning with generations that have not been taught what the day is meant to observe.  This year, use this time to instill this American tradition to your children, express how you feel about the day and how you choose to remember those that have sacrificed so much so that we may live in a country that values freedom, respect and equality.


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