US iGaming Symposium in California on Wagering Legal Issues

US iGaming Legislative Symposium in California Tackles Online Wagering Legalization Issues

Will regulated online gambling in California finally come around in 2014? Many believe that it will, as most of those advocating and supporting the legalization proposal have come together in the iGaming Legislative Symposium held in Sacramento last Feb. 27, 2014.

The conference venue served as a formal arena in which issues and solutions pertaining to Internet gambling in California were identified and discussed. Speakers coming from various iGaming sectors, including state regulators, shared views and insights about the critical policies to decide on, as a means of paving the way for a 2014 realization of California’s online gambling initiatives.

Currently almost every proposal comes with different requirements and numbers, for a single issue like licensing fees, licensing qualifications and types of online wagering operations, in addition to the proposals put forward by the state’s Native American tribes.

Richard Schuetz, head of California’s Gambling Control Commission, revealed that his office has already achieved what he calls as “literacy” about online gambling and what it is today. This includes full understanding of the different channels of a global database developed specifically for regulatory purposes. Embarking on fact-finding visits to other U.S. states and countries enabled them to acquire practical knowledge from the hands-on experience gained by those actually involved in the development, implementation and enforcement of regulatory laws.

Mr. Shuetz is confident that in coming together to discuss solutions on how to create a streamlined legislative proposal, Californians and their tribal partners will be able get it right on their own.