US Gambling News for Week Ending June 10

US Gambling News

It has been confirmed that the testing facility that is based in Las Vegas, BMM International is intending to expand its reach and operations. This has been confirmed as the company is multiplying its offices and has started a recruiting campaign to hire more than one hundred software engineers which will be added to its existing engineer staff of 50 engineers.

Commenting on this, Wendy Anderson, the spokeswoman of the testing company has stated that they have moved from Australia to L.A ten years ago. She added that the massive and rapid growth and developments occurring to both internet and land based gambling operations will play an important part in their expansion. Not only that, but the announced will of the state of Nevada that it is going to outsource software testing will also play an important part in the expansion of the company.

She added that the company aims to provide its testing services to all the land based and online gambling operators in the state of Nevada after the approval of the state and the Gaming Control Board. She also added that they are expanding and growing in order to match the growth in online gaming as internet gambling is becoming one of the hot sectors that are growing exponentially in the U.S. The new facility that belongs to BMM International that is located near the airport of Las Vegas will contain many sections. It will include workshops, laboratories and training facilities.

Pennsylvania Gambling

The gross revenue of slot games in the state of Pennsylvania have grew by a 3.4% in May when compared to the same month of 2011. This was affected by the slot machines played at the newly opened Valley Forge Casino Resort that is located in Philadelphia which was opened on the 31st of March. As for the rest of the casinos, they witnessed a decent increase from the decrease that the casinos suffered from last month. As for the numbers, the eleven casinos in the state of Pennsylvania collected a sum of 212.5 million dollars in gross revenue from slot machines in May which is a good increase from the 205.5 million dollars that was achieved in May of 2011. These numbers were released by the Gaming Control Board of the state of Pennsylvania.

Excluding the Valley Forge Casino Resort, the ten existing gambling casinos witnessed a decent increase in the revenue of one and a half percent. This increases followed a decrease in the gross revenue from slots in April, as the casinos suffered a 0.6% decrease in the revenue in April.

As for the casinos that witnessed the most growth this month, it was Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. The casinos scored 25.1 million dollars in the gross revenue of slot machines. This is an 11.2% increase of revenue when compared to May of last year. The second place was secured by Sugarhouse Casino as it scored 16.4 million dollars which is a 10% increase from last year.

Maryland Gambling

According to reports issued from the regulators of the state of Maryland, the two casinos in the state have witnessed an increase in the revenue. They collected 14.5 million dollars in May, which is quite an increase when compared to the same period of 2011. The first casino, the Hollywood Casino Perryville which is located in Cecil County has achieved almost 10.1 million dollars in May. The second casino at Ocean Downs which is located in Worcester Country has achieved almost 4.5 million dollars. These numbers are issued by the Lottery of the state of Maryland.

Ocean Down’s witnessed a 21% increase over May of last year and Hollywood Casino Perryville witnessed a 5% increase when compared to May of 2011. Both casinos also had an increase in the revenue from last month, both scoring an increase of 16,700 dollars. Despite of these great numbers, but the casinos continue a decrease of revenue from March, as the casinos achieves almost 16.3 million dollars in March. This number is considered the highest revenue that the casinos of Maryland ever achieved since their opening 2 years ago.

There is also a new casino that is expected to open its doors this Wednesday at the Arundel Mills mall. This casino is the Maryland Live casino. This casino is expected to have more than three thousand table games and 4,750 slot games by next October.

US Gambling Products

Shufflemaster, the casino equipment supplying company that is based in the United States has proved that it has potential in both land based and online based gambling operations. This proof came as a result of the amazing numbers that the company achieved as its profits has witnessed an increase of 23%. This increase came despite of the fact that the company has spent almost 28.5 million dollars in the acquisition of Ongame, the famous online poker company from Bwin Interactive.

The financial reports for the second quarter of 2012 saw an increase in the net profit that was equal 9.7 million dollars. This is quite an increase from the financial reports of the same period of 2011 that was equal 7.9 million dollars. As for the products that were leased to land based gambling casinos, mostly table games, they have participated with 13% in the increase of the net revenue.

Commenting on the acquisition of Ongame, Gavin Isaacs, the chief executive of the company has stated that the opportunity presented itself to the company and the company made the right chose to take advantage of it. He added that this chance would give the company the ability to expand and grow in the world of online poker which is a very lucrative market. On a side note, Gavin Isaacs became the chief executive following the resignation of David Lopes, the former chief executive when he resigned twelve years ago.

New Jersey Gambling

Huge development concerning online gambling in the state of New Jersey as the politicians have voted in favor of legalizing internet gambling in the state. This means that online gambling will be made legal and would be available for the residents of the state in the matter of days. All of this started in the 11th of January when the Assemble and the Senate of the state undergone a voting to determine the position of the state towards intrastate internet gambling. This meant that players will only be able to play bingo against players within the state borders of New Jersey.

This proposal needs to be signed and approved by the governor of the state, Chris Christie. He has been given a period of forty five days to approve or decline the legislation. The problem here is that many experts and lobbyists of online gambling and internet bingo are afraid that federal pressures would be exercised on Chris Christie which would force him to veto the legislation. This pressure from the federal govt. is believed to come as a result of the fact that all of the efforts done by different states to legalize internet gambling would only benefit them as the federal govt. will not benefit from any taxes if it is ever legalized.

On a side note, many internet gambling operators have already showed their will to offer their services in the online gambling market of the state of New Jersey.



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