UK’s Intention for Offshore Online Gambling

Online Gambling in the UKIt seems that finally there are responses to the new regulations that the UK is intending to apply to its online gambling community, regarding the taxing of offshore gambling operators working within the United Kingdom online gambling market. Two responses in particular, one coming from Northern Ireland and the other one came from outside the UK, from the well-known and famous online gambling jurisdiction of Gibraltar.

Starting with the response that came from Northern Ireland, it was concerned with the results of the predicted growth in internet gambling. It was stated by the chairman of the Social Development Committee, Alex Maskey that the government of the United Kingdom should work hard on updating its laws that are concerned with online gambling should be updated enough to address and face what is happening in the community of online gambling adequately. He also asked his colleagues from the Stormont Executive to apply pressure upon David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain alongside the government. His position towards online gambling came from the fact that the world of online gambling has a lot of problems. One of the main problems is the easy access to online punters, and players, who are UK citizens, should have enough protection. Speaking of which, the land based bookies are facing fierce competition with the internet gambling sites. Hence, they asked for lighter laws and many relaxations, such as to be permitted to work on Sundays. They are also working on the path of entering the world of mobile gambling and internet channels to have direct contact with online punters.

Alex Maskey also stated that his committee has been waiting for ever to find out if the government or the minister is planning to take any actions concerning online gambling. He threatened by saying that if the government is not going to take any steps, he and his committee will be forced to take all the needed measures, and will use all possible connections and recourses to apply pressure on the government to take action. His statement concluded by saying that online gambling is hurting members of the public, who are UK citizens who should be protected by their government, the government of the United Kingdom.

Now onto the other response that came from the online gambling jurisdiction of Gibraltar, as it was stated in the Gibraltar Chronicle that the government is very annoyed with the new UK tax plan. This new UK plan states that the government will apply consumption tax on the internet gambling operators. Their annoyance comes from the fact that there is a huge number of gambling operators who serve the UK gambling market are based, regulated and licensed in Gibraltar. These gambling operators provide revenue to the government of Gibraltar. It also provides about 5,000 jobs to the citizens of Gibraltar. It was stated by Fabian Picardo, the Chief Minister that such proposed regulations and taxes by the UK government would harm the economy of Gibraltar.

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