UK Player Wins Massive Jackpot

Online Gambling in the UKGreat news for all of the newbie players who have a thing for playing slot games, as a newbie player from the United Kingdom named M. Crocker has won a massive jackpot worth 609,320 GBP. He won this through playing slot machines on bet365 where he hit the progressive jackpot. He initially went on in order to bet on sports, but the seductive world of casino games attracted him into playing it.

He surely never thought that playing for fun on the slot machines would make him a very wealthy man, as he has hit the progressive jackpot in his first week on As it has been stated by a report from the management of the Casino, the lucky player initially joined to place a bet on a horse race, and in under a week he started playing the slot machines where he won the jackpot of 609,320 GBP.

M. Crocker commented on his amazing win by saying that when he first realized he has won, he had to call a few people to make sure that what he is seeing is true and that he has really won the 600,000 GBP progressive jackpot. Even after he knew it was true, he didn’t believe it until the cash was in his bank account, it is there where it all sunk in. He stated that now, his long lost plans of having a relaxing holiday and a new car are going to become real rather than just plans and dreams.

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