UK Parliament Calls For Regulations In Online Gambling Ads

Online Gambling in the UKParliament Calls For Regulations In Online Gambling Ads

LONDON, England – Online gambling is a thing that many people enjoy. Often overspending funds can cause gambling problems, which is why the British Parliament is voicing their concerns about online gambling adverts.

The advertising strategies of online gaming companies are under close scrutiny by British Parliament. Politicians are concerned that the aggressive tactics used by online gambling firms have a negative impact on citizens. This concern follows closely on the heels of similar sentiment expressed by Australian politicians. A closely related situation is developing in Ireland, where politicians claim gambling is having an increasing influence on a rising suicide rate.

Parliament on Gambling Ads

With the country in financial crisis, the Parliament says that they are encouraging their people to spend less and to be moderate. They find that these online facilities are encouraging exactly the opposite and are causing people a great deal of money. During a recent session, Parliament discussed the debt which has risen to 1.45 trillion dollars. The need to protect not only the customers but also the children is a concern of big topic.

One red flag for British Parliament is that there are almost 36 hours of gambling advertisements each week. Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt requested that Ofcom, an independent regulator for the communications industry in the UK, review the matter. Although he agrees with Munt that there is an issue for concern, Prime Minister David Cameron feels the responsibility does not lie with Ofcom alone.

The aggressive nature of the advertising seems to be the biggest concern for the Parliament. The officials stated that something must be done to moderate this behavior before it becomes an even greater problem.

David Cameron Speaks to Online Gambling

They are asking for the Prime Minister to step in and help deal with this enormous issue. They are also asking for a review by the companies that provide the advertising. Although, David Cameron, Prime Minster of Britain, does see the need for some regulation, he believes it is up to each individual company to be responsible for their own advertising and keeping within regulations.

Prime Minister Cameron requested of companies to act responsibly when considering the advertising and marketing strategy. He reminded companies that British politicians are reminding the public to be moderate in their behavior at this time when there is GBP 1.45 trillion of personal that in the UK. Cameron also requested of online gambling firms to protect children and consumers who may fall prey to their aggressive advertising tactics.

Source: UK Gambling News

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