UK Online Gambling Site 888Poker Blocks Datamining

UK Online Gambling Site 888Poker Blocks Datamining Site to Ensure Fair Play

In a proactive move to enforce the site’s End User License Agreement (EULA) and copyright law, UK-based 888Poker has blocked SharkScope to prevent the latter from collecting data from their website. The online gambling operator’s objective is to enhance the protection provided to recreational players, by ensuring fair play in every “Sit and Go” (SNG) poker game and/or tournament taking place at their site.

SharkScope maintains a database of information about the results of SNG and online poker sessions and tournaments, gathered from almost all Internet-based poker sites.

Online poker players seeking information to gauge an opponent can do so by typing in a player’s username on the search box and will be able to receive statistical data about the number of games played, average profit, average stake, average ROI, total profits and ability. A SharkScope paying subscriber can likewise refine the search results by using filters such as timeframe, SNG and/or tournament results, as well as stakes played. 888Poker is of the opinion that such practice could impair the integrity of the game.

The datamining site contends that the use of their database does not create an unfair advantage, because the data gathered are viewable at the online poker site at the end of each session or tournament. However, the advantage of using the site is that paying subscribers can have instant access to such information to gauge their opponent during an ongoing poker game.

In the U.S. where 888 Holdings is also a licensed service provider, the Nevada online gaming regulatory body considers as unlawful, the use of any device to track the cards or to analyze strategies of online players.