UK, BBC Trust Against Budget Cuts for Radio

BBC Trust Goes Against the Plans to Cut Budget for Local Radio Stations

Lord Patten, BBC Trust Chairman is expected to request the management to rethink its plans on taking away £15m from the budget of the 40 local radio stations on BBC.

The plan has provoked listeners, senior church leaders and MPs to be angry and now the controversial plans are being opposed by BBC Trust, the governing body of the company.

Lord Patter is anticipated to request the management to return to the drawing room and reorganize the plans for cutting £15m from the BBC’s local station’s budget. If this plans are implemented it will result to a devastating 280 jobless people.

Fear for this result has prompted lots of complaints for the proposal of Mark Thompson, BBC Director General to save around £700m yearly budget.

BBC Trust

The BBC Trust has met last Thursday to discuss the cost-cutting proposal and they mainly focused on finding possible ways to lessen the amount of the cuts.

The Trustee are highly concerned with effect of the cut plans on Inside Out, BBC1’s regional current affairs programme, which has the potential of losing 40% of its yearly budget or the equivalent of losing 40 personnel out of it 100 trusted staff.

Many people are really very concerned with the proposed cut plan; BBC staffs are very much against the level of the cuts. It is believed that the proposal will make irreparable damage to the output of the stations and might eventually put local radio stations at the bottom order.

Lord Pattern

Lord Patten will be speaking on Wednesday at the Oxford Media Convention and people are expecting him to speak on the issue of the proposed local radio station cuts.

Many people are counting on Lord Patten’s support against the proposal since it is widely known that the BBC Trust Chairman believes that local radio is what connects the local communities together and still the most reliable source of getting information.

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