U.S Government Granted $19.5 Million to Produce more Assisted Living Senior Housing

Assisted Living Senior Housing

Elderly Americans within the state of Arizona, Maryland, Ohio, and New York will noticed that that assisted living apartments and nursing facilities have been upgraded with the help of $19.5 million that was granted by the Obama administration. These grants come from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD has announced the grants to help convert existing multifamily projects into assisted living facility for the elderly.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan made the following statement earlier this week:

”These grants will provide an affordable option to nursing homes, helping seniors to live independently. The funding we announce today will allow the elderly an opportunity to age in place in familiar surroundings as they become older and require supportive services.”

It’s amazing to see how the administration and HUD spend enormous funds and energy for this kind of project. In addition, HUD also coordinated the Making Home Affordable Program that assists Americans when it comes to home loan modification that helped more than 1 million American homeowners to have lower monthly mortgage payments which in turn has helped to alleviate the foreclosure program in many states.

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