Tyra Banks Back To School

Tyra BanksTyra banks has successfully created an empire but apparently the girl still has some more ambitions. Tyra is currently enrolled at the Harvard Business school and has been enrolled since early last year. She already has a solid business in modeling as well as clothing and her television show, but she is looking to expand even further.

She believes that the education will help her in developing her business and understanding all of the aspects that are needed for it to run effectively. Part of the reason for the trip back to school is because she had dropped out of college to pursue modeling at the age of 17.

Although she does not regret getting into modeling, she says it was “one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life.” Well it is good that she waited to go back to school until after she made millions because a three week a year session at Harvard business will run up a $31,000 tab.


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