Twitter and Foursquare is going to end soon: Intel SENS can detect and display everything friends are doing

Intel SensPrivacy and security issues is the main concerns with the current generation of social networking applications. SENS, or Socially ENabled Services, a new face of social networking from Intel that literally shows you what exactly others are doing, a Facebook style status update. The SENS uses a sensor in a smartphone to detect gestures and creates a “shadow avatar” which literally mimic what the user is doing. It could detect where you are and reflect that as well. So now, instead of a list of buddy like what most of the people have on their Instant Messenger or Facebook, users are presented with a small window that shows the icons of their contacts are actually doing.

The technology today, which is technically intended for cell phone use, fuses together sensors to detect what a person is actually doing in the physical world, including the environment around them, as well as what is the current happening on their mobile device. All in all, this innovation is useful for on-the-go stalking, to be sure, but it’s just an extension of what we already do with apps like Foursquare and Twitter. So now, instead of asking users to check in or post status updates, SENS automatically detects–and depicts–if a friend is eating, dancing, text messaging, or working.

SENS also provided an option to set your own status or to turn off the real-time mode—if off, the avatar permanently freeze in the state of working hard at a desk or sipping coffee in a cafe.

Currently, SENS’s software are still in the process of development in the lab, but the technology isn’t all that far off. The sensors used in SENS already exist. Now it’s just a matter of combining their collective power without draining the battery of the cell phone.

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