Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ and The Last Air Bender Reign Supreme

Twilight Saga EclipseThe rivalry between vampires and werewolves of “Twilight Eclipse” hit theaters on Wednesday with the much anticipated release of the David Slade-directed third entry in that franchise. It seems like a guaranteed weekend winner. On the other hand, “The Last Airbender” came along last night, thumbing its nose at an increasing number of so-so reviews to open at $16 million. So, a “Last Airbender” weekend box office upset seems possible, if unlikely. But however smart money this weekend is definitely on “Eclipse.”

The two blockbuster films which is the ‘Twilight Saga‘Eclipse’ and The Last Aibender” seems hooked lot’s of movie enthusiast’s attention. On the top grosser ranking, “Eclipse” took first place with $69 million, an impressive result that shows that “Twilight” fans’ support for Team Jacob, Team Edward, and all the supernatural suitors in between transcends the need to devote the weekend to America’s patriotic holiday. Currently, “Eclipse” has generated $161 million since opening on Wednesday, almost a full $100 million past its production budget — and that’s not even factoring in the film’s performance in international theaters. Although it’s like imposiible for “Eclipse” hit $200 million by the end of the holiday weekend on Monday, its final opening weekend tally will be quite rewarding nonetheless.

Coming in second place is “The Last Airbender,” M. Night Shyamalan’s adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon kiddie-cartoon series. Despite of most negative reviews, Shyamalan’s latest has accumulated a solid $40.7 million this weekend alone, which resulted in a $57 million total since opening on Thursday.

Below is the list of new released movies:

1. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” ($69 million)

2. “The Last Air Bender” ($40.7 million)

3. “Toy Story 3″ ($30.2 million)

4. “Grown Ups” ($18.5 million)

5. “Knight and Day” ($10.2 million)

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