Tribal Alliance and SB1463 Legislation Bill

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The Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations which represents nine federally approved Indian tribes in Southern California has attacked the SB1463 legislation bill that was presented by Rod Wright, the Californian Senator. This legislation was concerned with internet gambling activities. The Tribal Alliance has sent a note to the state Senator Darrell Steinberg. The Tribal Alliance included in this note that their stance never changed, and that their position towards any regulation or legalization of online gambling will stay the same. They are strongly against the bill and the proposal of Senator Rod Wright.

The thing that aggravated the Tribal Alliance to send this note is that the passage obviously asked for a waiver of the tribal sovereign immunity. This blanket waiver has been refused strongly by the Tribal Alliance and the tribes it represents. This led to the note that they sent to Senator Darrell Steinberg. Another issue that aggravated the tribes was the amount of licenses that the legislation presented. Meanwhile, the tribes only wanted to proceed with internet poker and that it is only going to be for the operators who are already licensed and regulated.

Senator Rod Wright is doing his best in order to push the proposal due to how urgent it is and the urgency of its requirements. This urgency and efforts would result in the bill coming out into the light right after it gets the approval of 2/3s of the total votes in the Legislature of the state. The bill itself solely focuses on internet poker rather than any other type of games. This note by the Tribal Alliance is just one issue to be added to the ongoing saga in the battle of online poker and online gambling in the United States of America. All of these issues surfaced especially after the statement by the Dept. of Justice regarding the Wire Act of 2011.

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