Tri-State Online Poker, Iowa Poker and Online Gambling

Iowa Online GamblingTri-State Online Poker, Iowa Poker and Online Gambling

Out of the states vying for online poker (Iowa, New Jersey, California and Nevada), Iowa is already taking it a step further by considering multi-jurisdictional online poker pots. Similar to the concept of Tri-State lotteries or Multi-State lotteries, Multi-State online poker could be conducted in a way that could bring in quite a bit of annual revenue for all states involved.

Online Gambling in Iowa

However, there are those that believe that online poker and online gambling should be addressed at a Federal level to offer more protection for US citizens. To whom will this responsibility fall? Potentially, an internet gambling czar will be appointed? Decisions will need to be made rather readily as several of the aforementioned states already have bills awaiting review or are already in the process of drafting bills.

Tri-State Online Gambling

Some concern has been raised about the possibility of other countries outside of the US being allowed into the mix if Multi-State online gambling is permitted under the law. However, this would cause several issues with the Wire Act with the transfer of gambling funds overseas back and forth. If TriState online poker and online gambling is to work, then it will need to be kept within the borders of the US is the States are looking to keep everything legal.

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