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With fall just around the corner, one inexpensive getaway is to go hiking and enjoy the fall foliage. The brisk, cool air and bright days provide a great backdrop to a day or weekend full of nature.

Not sure where all the trails are or afraid of getting lost on your big adventure? National Geographic has just released an app for that. The app, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, is called Trail Maps. You can use it to find your way in both the wilderness and in the city. You can even use it when you’ve got no cell service.

Trail Maps of Yellowstone National Park

If you purchase the app for an inexpensive $2.99, you will get both satellite imagery and topographical maps from the U.S. Geographical Survey. Trail maps of Yellowstone National Park are pre-loaded, but you have the ability to download very detailed maps of nearly anywhere in the U.S., except Alaska and Hawaii. Once they are downloaded, these maps are added to your library. By downloading the maps, you will have access to them even if you are in the most remote section of the country with no data connection or cell service.

Live Route Tracking

You are able to zoom in and out using the normal gestures. The closer you zoom, the more detail emerges. You can zoom close enough to get the topographical lines indicating the elevation and slope of the land.

With this app, you will also be able to find other necessities for your trip, like campgrounds and rest areas. Using the Yellowstone map, you would even be able to find individual geysers. If you have a city map, you will be able to find places of interest within the city.

You can also take advantage of your device’s GPS and use the live route tracking part of the app. It will give you a report on your speed, direction, and distance. It also allows you to figure distance on a map, so can know that the little spot that looks within walking distance on the map may be more like a few hours of hiking!

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