Tobacco Tax In New York Up To $1.60 Per Pack

ALBANY, NEW YORK- The state is planning to raise cigarettes taxes by $1.60 per pack as per in accordance between Gov. David A. Paterson and legislative leaders. This resolution will make New York the nation’s highest state cigarette taxes.

Gov. Paterson submitted a proposal to the state’s lawmakers legislation to raise the state’s cigarette tax by 60 cents. This means that New York City smokers would pay would pay almost $7 in taxes for a pack. Additionally, the governor also crated a proposal to double up the smokeless tobacco tax, which includes chewing tobacco to cigars, by $2 an ounce. This proposition would generate up to $440 million this year.

These new tobacco measures was designed to provide the deficit-ridden state a million of dollars  — will be incorporated in the state emergency appropriation measure Gov. Paterson is giving to the Legislature on Monday.

However, state lawmakers have two choices: one is to pass the bill and second is to shut down the state government for failing to provide emergency spending powers.

The state budget director, Robert Megna said “Our anticipation is that the budget extender will pass.” He also added that the collection effort is implemented in a way “to specifically avoid” a violent reaction by Indian tribes, which happened the last time the state was trying to enforce the cigarette tax laws way back in 1995.