The Ten Best Online Colleges and Universities

Online Colleges and Online TrainingThe Ten Best Online Colleges and Universities

The enrollment numbers from online colleges and courses have been steadily climbing faster than anyone has been able to count, according to the latest Sloan Survey of online Learning. This is believed to be due to the fact that more people are deciding to pursue new careers requiring online training or degree programs. The yearly survey of over 2,500 universities and colleges reveal that roughly more than 5.5 million students are enrolled in at least one online training course.

Online Colleges in 2012

With numbers like these we can discern that many adult professionals and learners are getting onboard the busload of courses and programs that online colleges and universities are offering. The benefits to students as well as the schools that offer online courses that lead to degrees or professional certifications are many, and many more educational institutions are being added to the list daily to help meet the career goals of individuals all over the world.

Top 10 Best Online Colleges and Online Training

The best schools offering online courses are partially determined by rating the type of training tools they use to assist students in participating in online classes. Technological training tools such as bulletin boards, forums, chats, email, spreadsheets and other utilities have helped to put the following schools on the top 10 list of best online colleges and universities.

1- Kaplan University
2- University of Pheonix
3- Westwood College
4- DeVry University
5- Capella University
6- Walden University
7- Baker College
8- AIU
9- George Washington University
10-Boston University


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